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Ecosia to plant more trees than ever

In 2019, 8.5 million people switched to environmental search engine Ecosia to take action against the climate crisis. This growth allows Ecosia to plant more trees, build more solar plants, and improve search experience by adding innovative green features.

Tree planting projects already unveiled include planting an extra three million trees in Brazil, following the devastating Amazon fires, planting an additional four million trees in Burkina Faso, which will make desertified land fertile again. In Madagascar, Ecosia will plant an additional six million trees along the coast. These mangrove trees will not just store huge amounts of CO2, but will also protect the islanders against hurricanes and floods. Ecosia will also plant close to a million new trees in Kenya, together with the Green Belt Movement. Its founder, Wangari Maathai, won the Nobel Peace Prize for her reforestation work around water catchment areas.

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