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Constitution, Aims & Objectives

Transition Helston & District has a Constitution that was agreed by the Steering Group in March 2019. In it you will find our Aims and Objectives, which are reproduced below. You can also find a link to the complete Constitution at the bottom of the page.


The aims of Transition Helston and District are to work as a community to:

  1. raise awareness and build resilience in view of the ecological emergency associated with global warming, biodiversity loss, social injustice and any other concerns considered appropriate by majority of members of Transition Helston & District.
  2. promote, encourage and support education and research concerning areas affected by this environmental emergency, with a view to supporting ourselves and our community as we transition to a zero carbon, regenerative and ethical future in Helston and the surrounding district.
  3. provide a space for Inner Transition, to process our current climate and reimagine our collective vision for the future.


The objectives for which Transition Helston and District is established are:

  1. to help create and implement a plan to reach zero carbon in Helston and surrounding area within 12 years from October 2018 as recommended by IPCC in its report of that month.
  2. to support, encourage and implement local action on Climate Change, biodiversity loss and social justice.
  3. to establish an Inner Transition group to help our community build resilience, cope and adapt to change.
  4. to support and work with other Transition Towns and similar community-led initiatives.
  5. to engage with other organisations, including statutory, voluntary and business where appropriate in pursuit of these aims and objectives.