Food Group


The Food Group was created to bring adults and children together for a couple of hours once a week to grow food and flowers. We are doing this because of our love of nature and our knowing that when people work together they can achieve so much more. It means we can share land, resources and knowledge to grow and eat food together that will sustain us physically through the beautiful food we produce. But most importantly we build friendships and a community that will sustain us emotionally in the difficult times ahead with the climate catastrophe we are all facing.

Food Group Meetings

The Food Group generally meets on the third Monday of the month, at Wendron Plant Nursery. The date of the next meeting is still to be set. Wendron Plant Nursery is family-friendly, so children are most welcome!

Community Growing Day

The veggie beds are coming together!

The Food Group holds weekly growing days, on the weekend. We are currently working on a plot of land at Carminowe Garden. Here are the dates for the Growing Days for the next few weeks:

  • Saturday 1st June – 10.30am
  • Sunday 9th June – 10.30am
  • Saturday 15th June – 10.30am
  • Saturday 30th June – 10.30am

Children are really welcome! We have a compost loo, a tool shed and a place to make tea.

For more information on the Food Group, and directions to Carminowe Garden, please contact Amy Lake via our Facebook Group, or by sending us a message from the Contact page.

Amy moving comfrey to a better home.
Jules making stakes to repair the raised beds.

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